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Go Energy Mini Bar 30 X 40g Redberry
Chewy fruit and cereal barRedberry flavouredEnergy bar is moist delicious and easy to digestPerfect before or during exerciseSuitable for vegetarians 
Mulebar Energy Bar 40g Summer Pudding 6 Pack
Raspberry cranberry and blackcurrant natural energy bar Summer pudding is full of kickin' energy like all of our bars and is one of those classic lovely fresh summery tastes Low GI oats along with high GI brown rice syrup give you a great range of energy alongside real fruit all providing a sustainable source of carbohydrate We have also added whey protein to support muscle repair and 
PowerBar Energize Wafer Bar (12 x 40g) Energy & Recovery Food
For successful intense training or competition, you should top up your energy levels before you start and refuel during exercise with carbohydrates. That’s why PowerBar invented the first energy bar in the world back in 1986. Suggested Usage Consume 1 wafer within 60 minutes before sport and/or Consume up to 90g carbohydrates per hour during sport depending on the intensity and duration. 1 
Love Raw Rosehip & Lemon Superfood Energy Bar - 48g
Rich in vitamin C Omega 6 & protein and full of nuts such as cashews and almonds to keep you fuller for longer the Rosehip and Lemon superfood energy bar from Love Raw is a delectable and nutritious treat. Lemon has been used for centuries for its 
SiS Go Energy Bar Mini 40g Pack of 30 - Various Flavours
One of the major causes of fatigue during endurance exercise is a depletion in your carbohydrate stores. SiS Go Energy 40g Bars are here to combat this and do so by including 25g of carbohydrate in each bar to ensure your best performances are just around the corner. Proven by athletes across the globe that it meets professional energy demands, the bars also contain protein and are low in fat as 
Meridian Cashew Bar 40g
Meridian Cashew Bar; : - Ideal for health and fitness enthusiasts - Crammed full of delicious roasted nuts - No refined sugars or "nasties" - Packed with protein - Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Soya Free - Vegan. 
Meal Replacement Lemon Bar
You will love this lemony, yoghurt crispy fabulousness! Exante Diets Lemon & Yoghurt bar is perfect for enjoying when youre on the go. What is Exante Diet? Exante Diet is the UKs number 1 meal-replacement diet. Exante Diet offers the largest online range of high-quality, affordable meal-replacement products which includes soups, shakes, bars and meals. Use our meal-replacement products as part 
SiS - GO Energy Lemon 500g
GO Energy Lemon 500g 
Tree of Life Organic Energy Boost 40g
Tree of Life Organic Energy Boost 40g: Express Chemist offer fast delivery and friendly, reliable service. Buy Tree of Life Organic Energy Boost 40g online from Express Chemist today! 
Mulebar Energy - 30 Bars x 40g | Apple
MuleBar is totally natural tasty ENERGY, named after the mountain mules that carried our climbing gear up to basecamp in the Andes. This Fairtrade energy bar is loaded with 28% taste bud tingling organic. Mulebar have created this mix of 100% natural ingredients with your performance in mind. UK sourced oats provide endurance boosting steady release energy, whilst rice syrup and puffed rice give 
MuleBar Energy Bars 40g x 30
MuleBar Energy Bars 40g x 30Mule Bar Energy Bars 65g (Box of 24)MuleBar believe there is no energy like natural energy which is why MuleBar is made from 100% natural, seriously tasty ingredients. Apple Strudel Das ist gud, ya! The homage to the great Austrian pastry. There are layers of flavour in this bar which you just dont expect from an energy bar: the organic apple is a a great mix with 
Torq Energy Drink Powder - 1.5kg - Lime / Lemon
Torq Energy Drink Powder - 1.5kg 
Emergen C Energy Release & Immunity Support Lemon
Emergen-C Energy Release & Immunity Support Lemon is the easy and delicious way to boost your vitamin intake. It offers a tasty orange flavour and mixes into water easily. The ingredients include vitamin C, B6 and B12, calcium zinc and chromium, all of which help to boost your immune system. The drinks are particularly convenient on-the-go or post workout, where they help restore electrolytes and 
GlucoTabs Raspberry Glucose Energy Tablets 10 Chewable Tablets 40g
GlucoTabs Raspberry Glucose Energy Tablets 10 Chewable Tablets 40g is manfactured by GlucoTabs. GlucoTabs Raspberry Glucose Energy Tablets 10 Chewable Tablets 40g is a efficient product. You can now purchase GlucoTabs Raspberry Glucose Energy Tablets 10 Chewable Tablets 40g from our online chemist. GlucoTabs Raspberry Glucose Energy Tablets 10 Chewable Tablets 40g has been proven as a market 
Clif Bar Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Energy Bar
Made with organic rolled oats Good source of protein and fibre No high fructose corn syrupCLIF Bars are the original energy bars, made with wholesome ingredients that deliver energy.CLIF Bars have whole ingredients you can see 

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