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Granovita Chickpea Pate - 125g
Granovita chickpea pt is a meat free yeast based food created using chickpeas herbs and spices and features a resealable lid too. Suitable for a vegan diet it is tasty on its own but is also perfect spread onto crackers or toast and can also be 
Natalie Pate De Fruits, 220g
A selection of juicy pate de fruits (soft, jelly sweets) made with natural fruit flavours and presented in a beribboned gift box. Refund policy We cant offer refunds or exchanges on perishable goods such as flowers and food, unless faulty or not as described. Find out more . This does not affect your statutory rights. Please see bottom of page for ingredient information. 
Payot Pate Grise Purifying Cream
This lightweight cream for combination to oily skin is the anti- spot weapon! It limits and controls sebum excess, visibly reducing imperfections and gives a glow to the skin without the shine. The texture of absolute lightness envelops the skin with a sensation of softness and comfort; it penetrates instantly and leaves the skin soft and smooth. 
PAYOT Pate Grise Eau Purifiant 200 ml
Eliminates excess sebumProvides long-lasting mattifying effectIdeal for combination to oily skin types 
Hydromol Ointment 125g
Hydromol Ointment is a highly occlusive emollient product, that contains no added fragrances, colour or preservatives. Hydromol Ointment is particularly useful for very dry skin, for use under wet wraps or as a night treatment. Hydromol Ointment is for use with any condition in which dry skin is a feature. 
Felini Complete - 125g
Cats are true carnivores (pure meat-eaters) and have very specific dietary requirements. Their natural diet consists of all sorts of prey like birds, insects, mice and other small mammals, which provide them with protein, fat, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. A food containing raw or cooked meat is the closest thing to this natural diet in the wild. Not all the nutrients cats 
E45 Cream 125g
E45 Cream is a trusted formula suitable for the whole family, including adults, the elderly, children, and infants over 1 month. E45 Cream is clinically proven to help improve skin health by treating and soothing rough, chapped and dry skin. The effective, nongreasy emollient is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin. E45 Cream works by replacing lost moisture and forming a protective barrier, 
E45 Dermatological Cream 125g
E45 Dermatological Cream 125g is created by E45. E45 Dermatological Cream 125g is a well liked product. You can now buy E45 Dermatological Cream 125g from our online pharmacy. E45 Dermatological Cream 125g has been very successful since its introduction by E45. 
Pears Transparent Soap 125g
Pears Transparent Soap 125g: Express Chemist offer fast delivery and friendly, reliable service. Buy Pears Transparent Soap 125g online from Express Chemist today! 
Wayfayrer Vegetable Balti, Assorted
Designed for camping and expedition use, Wayfayrer pre-cooked boil in the bag meals give you a quick and easy to cook meal that is ready to eat in under 10 minutes. 
Hozelock Flower & Vegetable Planter
Features a decorative 30 litre planter with 15 litre reservoir that will keep plants watered for up to 14 days. Water is delivered directly to the plants roots through unique capillary watering spikes that help prevent plants from drought a... 
Adventure Foods Vegetable Hotpot
Adventure Food Vegetable Hotpot, lightweight dried food with a long shelf life. Just add boiling water!Perfect for backpacking, this meal is quick and easy to make and wont take up much room in your pack. 
Flexible Vegetable Brush
Make cleaning your vegetables an easy chore with this flexible Vegetable Brush. The clever device features a three-section design that gently flexes in-hand for a sturdy and more comfortable grip. The bending brush accommodates vegetables of different shapes and sizes for efficient and superior cleaning. The stiff bristles will easily get rid of any remnants left during the growing process even 
Vegetable Fertiliser 1 Litre
Specially Formulated FertiliserCompound fluid fertiliser containing magnesium, sulphur and trace elements.Full to the brim with growth enhancers, humic and fulvic acids. This unique vegetable fertiliser is all you will need to ensure that your vegetables reach their true potential and turn out healthy and fresh. 

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